PyCon USA 2019 coming up!

Only a few more sleeps to go until PyCon 2019! I'm getting the last minute printing attended to for the poster I made with Alysha Iannetta and packing my bags.

As some of you will know I have a keen interest in Python internals and implementations and I'm thrilled that I was given the opportunity to present a poster at the posters session. I'll be at Expo Hall from 10am till 1pm on Sunday the 5th of May to present a poster about how the CPython memory management internals work. In particular this will details where objects are stored in memory and what those objects look like in memory. This will help explain the underpinnings of the way in which equality and identity checks work in CPython and also how Python objects get stored in RAM.

A sample from the CPython memory internals poster

I'll be representing Python Charmers and Custom Programming Solutions at the event. If you are interested in how we can provide elite level Python training or consulting or an integrated mix of the two I'd be more than happy to discuss this at the event, feel free to add me on LinkedIn or DM me on Twitter to set something up!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!