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  1. The death of full employment - 2023 September 21

    Technology is moving in such a way that advances in AI will mean that barring massive changes some fraction of people will now be permanently unemployed. This effect of technological unemployment will be most harshly felt in locations with a combination of high wages and high cost of living since the equilibrium forces push more strongly towards replacing labor with capital expenditure in such places. AI is a crucial change because it greatly expands the types of jobs that can be replaced and progress in technology means that the capital expenditure needed to replace labour with technology has dropped. We should revisit assumptions that people who's jobs are destroyed will be able to move to other jobs easily.

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  2. Stockfish vs AlphaZero - 2020 May 10

    The match of the strongest traditional chess engine Stockfish vs the AlphaZero chess engine was extremely interesting on a number of levels.

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