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  1. Politics of unproductive debt - 2021 May 16

    Right now we have a large economic debt crisis brewing and THIS DEBT CRISIS STARTED LONG BEFORE THE COVID PANDEMIC. Specifically unproductive debt is at extreme levels and is now starting to create a rather acute debt crisis. The pandemic exposed how much of a problem this really was before making it much worse. Unfortunately everyone is blaming everything on the pandemic when this is an issue that goes back at least an entire decade to the events of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, if not earlier. A massive shift has been seen in political attitudes towards debt in the last few decades. One thing that is for sure is that the answer to resolving the debt trap is not going to be by creating more debt but that seems to be the consensus political position these days, at least for now... But things weren't always like this.

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  2. Who owns bank deposits? - 2020 December 16

    A particularly common misconception people have is that they think have the title of ownership to the money that's in their bank deposit accounts.

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