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  1. The myth of the unbalanced government budget - 2022 May 30

    There's a pervasive misunderstanding that people have where they think it's possible for a government budget to be unbalanced. In some very real senses this actually isn't a concept that makes any sense and I explain why in this article.

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  2. Crypto crash update May 2022 - 2022 May 29

    The crypto space is now in a really nasty bear market, here's an update for the end of May 2022.

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  3. Problems with Celsius - 2021 November 25

    The Celsius product was something that always annoyed me, in part because I'd only ever hear about it from rabid shills and obvious bot accounts. Support for it just screamed astroturfing. The other particularly annoying thing is that taking leverage on cryptocurrencies is not something I think is wise at all and products like this seem like this cycles Collateralized Debt Obligations, but when will they all blow up?

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