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  1. Crypto's Lehman moment - 2022 May 21

    Around 13 years ago Lehman Brothers collapsed which was part of the trigger for a chain of events that brought the global financial crisis to a head. There's a similar chain of collapses that is likely to lead to crisis in the cryptocurrency space right now.

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  2. 13 years since the failure of Lehman Brothers - 2021 September 15

    It is 13 years to the day today since Lehman Brothers collapsed.

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  3. A quick introduction to the mechanism of stock short selling - 2021 January 30

    The last few days have seen another historic short selling squeeze in the markets, this time with the GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock. If you are interested in knowing why the price has moved the way it has it's important to understand how short selling works.

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