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  1. Hot takes for clearing the Ambassador bridge - 2022 February 20

    I noticed a particularly disturbing trend when the Ambassador bridge was blockaded, many people came out with ideas for clearing the blockade that were outrageously detached from reality to be met with thunderous applause by an audience ignorant of the constraints of the laws of the natural world. A certain class of commentators were using arguments with language that referenced engineering that on the surface might have sounded like ideas that could be feasible but really were obviously entirely impossible if you'd spent any amount of time looking at actual engineering principles. Nothing good comes from these sorts of ideologically driven comments that attempt to build their prestige from reference words that sounds like they are based in science and engineering but yet are in reality so contrary from it.

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  2. JIT logistics and tail risks - 2021 March 28

    The grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez canal reminds me once again of the risks of JIT logistics.

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  3. Demand shocks and toilet paper - 2020 May 05

    Maybe of the most iconic moments of the COVID19 situation was the run on toilet paper. This was an interesting moment in terms of the supply and demand.

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