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  1. Solar panels and car sales, a financialization story - 2020 November 12

    Solar panels and car sales increasingly have something in common beyond Elon Musk being good at selling both of them. Increasingly I see a situation whereby people don't want you to pay cash for them.

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  2. Impacts of a dependence on backpackers and other foreigners on farm labour during a crisis - 2020 October 01

    The other day I was watching a news report where some farmers were claiming they might not be able to get enough workers to pick their crops. At the same time Australia has the highest unemployment in a LONG time with many people desperate to work, so something doesn't add up here. Food security is important, surely we can figure this out.

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  3. Demand shocks and toilet paper - 2020 May 05

    Maybe of the most iconic moments of the COVID19 situation was the run on toilet paper. This was an interesting moment in terms of the supply and demand.

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