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  1. Knowing when to give up on legacy projects - 2021 January 10

    Sometimes legacy projects are past the point of being salvageable, knowing when to capitulate and go for the re-write is an important skill. Even when you know what to do the sunk cost fallacy can make it hard to follow through on the right decision.

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  2. Dependency management in code files is not great - 2021 January 03

    Managing dependencies via executable code files seems OK but actually turns into a massive pain, here's why.

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  3. The story of Lasseters reef - 2020 October 09

    A family member shared me a link to the fascinating story of Lasseter's Reef with a request for some help with navigating the website. It turns out that the website didn't have the story links ordered chronologically and they asked me for some help to sort this out. This is a perfect example of where using some web scraping along with programming can deliver value so that's exactly what I did, I wrote a short script to create some easier to navigate links to this great story.

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