Getting the MMAP array library on PyPi

Given that the MMAP backed array library I have been working on is now in use with multiple projects I figure that the time has come to put it up on PyPi. The project started off as an in-house library that was used in a few projects, given we were making something fast for our internal use we didn't spend a lot of time on making a nicely packaged library. Being able to have an editable pip install was good enough. It's been extremely useful for me so it is probably useful for other people too, the time has come to do some housekeeping and get it out there on PyPi.

That of course means doing all the things on the Python packaging user guide.

Many of those things are already done but I'll need to do the following:

  • Add a licence file
  • Put the licence type into the user licence
  • Put my name in as the author under author
  • Putting a PyPi badge in the README file ;)

Then after I've done all this I'm going to run it all through cheesecake to make sure I haven't missed anything critical

However these are rather small technical details that I can just grind through in an afternoon. They are necessary but not sufficient conditions for making a healthy open source library. The bigger issue is...

Making it easier for people to contribute

The bigger issue I want to address is making the project more friendly to contributors. I just finished watching VM Brasseur's fantastic PyConAU 2016 talk about encouraging drive-through contributors and I realize there's significant improvements that can be made with this library.

Specifically with this library:

  • I need to put some effort into describing the contribution process. That means writing a CONTRIBUTORS file that explains how to make contributions. In this I have to make it clear how to make pull requests and what's required to get them merged in.
  • Explain how people can get involved in the project.
  • Host documentation on readthedocs or similar.


The library is now up on PyPi: