About me

Hi I'm Janis Lesinskis

By trade I'm a mathematician and programmer. I like to try to do what I can to make the world a better place, many blog posts here will be an attempt to write tutorial material that leverages my skills in order to make life easier for the readers. I have an ongoing interest in education and specifically leveraging technology to aid people's understanding of concepts. You can see an example of that in the Programmable quizzes project I created. I'm a co-founder and partner of Scry Engineering which is a high end tech consulting business, that specializes in improving processes and efficiency by the expert application of using technology. We frequently use machine learning and natural language processing along with an understanding of the many soft skills that are required to effectively use these technologies in a real organizational setting. I'm a co-founder of JaggedVerge which is an organization dedicated to helping people in the professional/enthusiast development community.

Over the last decade I've spent a huge amount of time with Python, shipping multiple products with various Python technologies (Pandas, CAPI including PyBind/CFFI/etc, SQLAlchemy, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Flask, Django, etc). Going in depth with Python and trying to understand the entire stack from bytecode implementations all the way through to framework libraries has helped me architect better Python projects and solve hard scalability/performance problems. For a while a hobby of mine was reading the source code for CPython and PyPy. I was on the team of specialist trainers for Python Charmers which was the premiere Python Training company in the Asia-Pacific region, the time I spent on site helping teams was an amazing learning experience. If you want to talk about business process optimization, machine learning, high end Python, simulations, training or the more strategic aspects of technology the context of your business please email me at consulting at lesinskis.com and I'd be more than happy to answer questions you have.

I find the process of decision making fascinating, especially the process of trying to figure out what decisions are optimal given various sets of information and further if optimal decisions can even be found. Some the most mundane decisions reveal a fantastic amount of subtlety and nuance when you step back and analyze them, however they are also often the easiest decisions to overlook. Many interesting insights into the nature of thought and consciousness are revealed by thinking about the topic [1] . This is a huge ongoing interest of mine, one that I'm sure will lead to a significant number of blog posts on here.

In recent years I've spent a lot of time helping people progress in their software careers. Spending time mentoring developers and seeing people make progress and achieve their potential has been very rewarding. If you are interested in getting professional mentoring get in contact with me via LinkedIn.

I also happen to enjoy the occasional game of billiards.

[1]Perhaps unsurprisingly one of my favourite books is "Thinking fast and slow" by Kahneman