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  1. Creating a topo map - day 9

    Creating a topographic map - day 9. Found a few more routes and a comment on why I've names things the way I have.

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  2. Creating a topo map - day 8

    Creating a topographic map - day 8. Some history about why this structure was built.

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  3. RAM usage 50 years after Apollo

    Every now and then I see some post that complains about how absurdly heavy in terms of system resources Electron apps are. A few days back I saw a tweet with a simplistic comparison of the amount of RAM available on the Apollo guidance and a modern chat app running in a bloated stack. Something about it just kept bugging me and it wasn't the RAM usage part but more the intellectual sloppiness that such a post encourages, this post exists as my attempt to delve into what I think is going on here.

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